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The new season of plays from Children’s Theater Association!

Stay Tobacco Free

written by Kevin Daly.  Lyrics by Tim King.  Music by Michael Curran. 

The Hip-hop musical with the anti-tobacco message.

$795 for one performance:

$1590 for back to back performances:

"Stay Tobacco Free" was commissioned by the Health Department in 2003.

It has been performed over 400 times throughout Maryland and has been

proven to help deter tobacco initiation by young people in the state.
It is the story of a teenager who has been caught smoking. As a punishment, her father tells her to write a report on the dangers of tobacco. She and the audience learn smoking causes problems like bad breath and yellow teeth and can, eventually, lead to serious diseases and even death. There are lessons about secondhand smoke and about the dangers of cigarettes causing fires in the home. Together they, the audience and the characters, make the decision to STAY TOBACCO FREE, forever. The kids also enjoy the original music and the bright lively sets, costumes and props.

The play is intended for students in Grades Three through Eight. Running time: 45 minutes. Available from October 20 through November 25, 2015.

The Snow Queen

adapted by Kevin Daly

Did you ever wonder where the story for "Frozen" came from? 

The answer is from Hans Christian Andersen. 

He wrote "The Snow Queen and it was turned into the movie "Frozen," with a lot

of changes.  Here is the original story in all of its glorious goofiness. 

We love it and so do the audiences.  Great for the Holidays!

For grades Kindergarten through Fifth.  Running time: 45 minutes. Available from December 8 through December 23, 2015. 

Price: $795 for one performance. Pay online and save $100.00

Price: $995 for two back-to-back performances.  Pay online and save $100.00

The Happy President

written by Kevin Daly.  A play written for the COMMON CORE all about George Washington

and the Pursuit of Happiness.
Regular price:

Here is a humorous look at American History, through the eyes of the First President

and his friends; the Oriole Bird and the Baltimore Raven, as they sit on their perch above

Mt. Vernon.
The kids will PARTICIPATE and sing along to classic songs like the "Battle Hymn of the

Republic" and "This Land is Your Land.”  They will learn that Happiness is Wisdom, which

you acquire over Time.  This play uses the critical thinking skills of the students.
The play is appropriate for all  grades from  Kindergarten to Eighth.  Running time is 45 minutes. 

Available from February 3 through February 26, 2016.

Price: $795 for one performance. Pay online and save $100.00

Price: $995 for two back-to-back performances.  Pay online and save $100.00

Maryland, My Maryland
written by Kevin Daly.  The musical with the floating boat!

CTA has been doing this musical on Maryland history for the last fifteen years because

audiences learn from it and love it.  There are a series of delightful short stories about

such great Maryland heroes as Harriet Tubman, Clara Barton, Francis Scott Key and

the Calverts. It is fun and informative and it strives to show the "Middle Temperament"

which is the hallmark of Maryland. The teachers love it because it teaches history in a

whole new way. The kids love participating in the Underground Railroad and singing the

"Indian Words of Maryland" song.
We like it for grades 1 through 6, but it has been well received by audiences from K to 8.

Running time: 50 minutes. 

Available to perform: March 24, 2015 through April 30, 2015. 

Price: $795 for one performance. Pay online and save $100.00

Price: $995 for two back-to-back performances.  Pay online and save $100.00


written by Kevin Daly.


“Dreamstealers” is a hard hitting depiction of the physical harm caused by tobacco use. 

The focus is on an ex-smoker who has received a laryngectomy.   There is a short film

in which the this person is shown going through some of her daily routines and where

she discusses her experience with tobacco.  As part of this presentation there is also a

powerpoint  presentation by Kevin Daly on the health effects of tobacco.  Mr. Daly is a

former smoker, who quit in 2002 and he has been a facilitator for the American Lung

Association since 2006.  This presentation is intended to stimulate a frank discussion on t

he severe health effects caused by tobacco use.  
“Dreamstealers” is meant for students in middle and high school.  Running time: 45 minutes
Available:  September 14, 2015 through June 14, 2016.

How do you book a show?

First, decide how many students are attending the show.  If it is fewer

than 250, then you will have one performance.  If it is more than 250 then you will have

two performances. Then you must decide the date and time.  Then Click Contact CTA

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 Kevin Daly
 Executive Director
 Children's Theater Association